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Ways To Regrow Hair Naturally At Home

With so many hair growths and regrowth products, both synthetic and natural, scrambling for your attention, it is easy to become overcome and get lost. While synthetic products may give you  “immediate” result, you never know what chemicals you have put on your hair. When your hair and health are concerned, it’s better to use natural formulas and homemade remedies.  They can help you regrow your hair without all the side effects of synthetic solutions. Read on to get to know how to regrow hair  naturally by Telvium™.

Wash  your hair regularly. Dandruff, dirt, and excess oil can clog hair follicles and inhibit hair growth. It’s better to clean your hair on a  regular basis.

  • Condition your hair after a wash.
  • Cleansing strips your hair of its natural oil.
  • Conditioning can leave a protective film on your hair, keeping moisture inside and avoiding frizz and static electricity.
  • Select your hair care products with care. Throw away your chemical based shampoos and conditioners. They do more harm than good to your hair.

Look for products with natural ingredients.  They cause less to no irritation to your hair.

Some of these good  ingredients include:

Amino acid: it can provide moisture for hair cuticle, tissue on the surface of your hair shaft.

Copper peptides: it can increase the size of hair follicles and thicken hair.Use hot oil treatment to promote hair growth. Massage natural oil onto your hair and scalp. Olive oil, emu oil, and coconut oil are some of the most effective choices for hair growth and hair protection. Add limited drops of essential oil (e.g., rosemary) for a better result.

Maintain a hair care regimen that suits your hair type.

Consume foods that are rich in iron (e.g.broccoli), omega three fatty acids (e.g.,  walnuts and fish), and vitamin B 12 (e.g., eggs and poultry).Replace fast food with a healthy diet. Eat more fruits and vegetables. Avoid fat and deep-fried meals. Drink a lot of water for hydration.

Incorporate protein into your diet. Approximately, 91% of your hair is proteins made up of amino acids. Increasing the amount of protein in your diet can strengthen your hair and promote hair regrowth. Nutrients such as eggs,  chicken, and tofu are rich sources of protein.Begin any weight control program with caution. A dramatic change of dietary habit can cause hair loss. Always consult a physician before having any dietary habit change.Do exercise regularly. It can relieve your stress and promote blood circulation.

Drink herbal tea or take herbal supplements.  Saw palmetto could inhibit the growth of dihydrotestosterone (DHT), a  major culprit of male-pattern baldness.

  • Avoid using a hair dryer, wax, and gels.
  • Avoid harmful styling of your hair. Bleaching, dying, straightening, and curling are all harmful. The chemicals used in such treatment can harm your scalp and cuticles.
  • If your hair loss is due to consumption of certain medications like antidepressants or birth control pills, consult your doctor to see if he or she can prescribe other types of medicine to you.
  • Stress can cause hair loss too. Be relaxed and don’t worry too much.

How to Regrow Hair Naturally Fast

Coconut oil is a natural remedy that not only promotes hair growth but also maintains your scalp’s health. The vegetable oil is produced from the pulp of coconut. It is solid white in its unrefined form and melts at around 24 Celsius degrees. Coconut oil is widely used in many counteries for hair care purposes.

What Makes Coconut Oil Different?

Coconut oil contains triglyceride, a chemical form of fat similar to the protein of our hair. Because of the similarity between coconut oil and our hair, coconut oil can be absorbed easily. Coconut oil also has anti-microbial properties and contains vitamin E and fatty acids.

According to a study in the U.S. National Library of Medicine of National  Institutes of Health, coconut oil was originated from being the only oil, compared to sunflower and mineral oils, that can reduce protein loss for both undamaged and damaged hair when used before or after shampoo. The penetrating properties of coconut oil certainly make it one of the best natural hair growth solutions.

Coconut oil is an excellent moisturizer and conditioner. It’s especially good for dry and damaged hair. It provides the essential proteins to nourish dry and damaged hair. Applying the oil on your hair can soften and moisturize your hair so that it can be less prone to breakage and damage. When damage to your hair is minimized, your hair can grow healthily and strongly. Regularly using coconut oil on your scalp can also keep dandruff, lice, and lice eggs at bay.

Coconut oil is widely used in hair care products such as conditioners and dandruff relief creams. You can also apply coconut oil directly on your hair. For the best result, use organic virgin coconut oil. It is the unprocessed form of coconut oil, with no or little heat. Such a process leads to the little alternation of the oil, thus retaining the natural nutrients in the oil and benefiting your hair in the best way it can.